Whitewater Community Services, Inc. 

A Nonprofit Organization
(pursuing our 501(c)3 status)

Empowering our communities to live lives of purpose & freedom by bringing hope through truth and love.

​We are a nonprofit organization, in the process of seeking our 501(c)3 status. We have a seven member board of people who have roots in this community and bring varied gifts to our common passion and goal: helping our youth

We currently have 3 unique areas of outreach in keeping with this mission:
The Outpost
The River.
Board of Directors
  1. Kelly Thompson
    Kelly Thompson
  2. Amelia Allen
    Amelia Allen
    Board Member
  3. Brandon Bohnke
    Brandon Bohnke
    Board Member
  4. Amy Eikenberry
    Amy Eikenberry
    The RAFT Summer Program Director
  5. Andrea Diaz
    Andrea Diaz
  6. Tammy Cotton
    Tammy Cotton
    Board Member
  7. Scott Lutz
    Scott Lutz
    Board Member
What We Believe
What We Do
How We Do It
We believe that every person has unique value and deserves to be loved.  We know that unconditional love is a gift from God, and we live to model that to others.  

We believe that we are us.  That there is no them.  We know life can be hard and sometimes scary and that together we are stronger than alone.  

We believe that we are more alike than different and our stories, no matter how messy, uniquely qualify us to bring hope to others.
We believe in Truth.
We seek to listen with the goal of understanding, not judgement or even agreement.

In keeping with our mission, we identify and address the areas of suffering that are brought to our attention by interacting with our kids on a daily basis and we work to reduce them.  Our outreaches bring relief in the social, academid, and home lives of children.

Within the Whitewater organization there are currently nthree different programs that we offer to the community

  • The River - safe place w/coffee! 
  • The RAFT Summer Program 
  • The Outpost - meeting room
  • We offer SOS (Sharing Our Story) meetings at The Outpost.
  • We hire local youth and teach them by example that ALL people matter, including them!
  • We offer after school tutoring
  • We host free lunch program all summer for kids who need it
  • We offer classes to help marriages & relationships THRIVE
  • We offer a place to bring a friend, make a friend, be a friend
  • We organize a local farmers/artisan  market on Saturdays
  • We offer individual &group meetings to share life and offer prayer
  • We offer The RAFT summer program (Reading, Arithmetic, Friendship, Truth)
Whitewater Community Services, ​Inc.
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Tel.: 574-834-1508
Email: [email protected]
P.O. Box 623 
North Webster, In
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