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Hours of Operation

Sunday     8 A.M. - 12 P.M.
Monday - Saturday      7 A.M. - 9 P.M.


The FIRST Annual  North Webster Art & Farmers' Market opens Saturday, May 28th
if you're interested in being a vendor download the contract linked.

Who We Are

The River is an outreach of Whitewater Community Services, Inc.  It is a gathering place for this community, and for those who are traveling through it, to come in and rest, order a good cup of coffee or tea and get to know each other.  Bring a book, or a friend, or your favorite game, if we don’t already have it here.

Small communities share life.  We share the good and the difficult, the happy and the sad. But we shouldn’t have to face difficult times alone. So, we 
decided that the young people in the area, especially, needed a safe place to come.  Where they can gather and linger, with no obligation to buy anything.  We plan activities for them like Open Mic Night, Chess night, Video Game Tournament nights, Lock-Ins, etc.  They even let us adults join in with them, if we want!  Perhaps you are looking for a place to come make a positive difference in the life of a child...Remember, whenever we give of ourselves to better the life of someone else, we walk away bettered, too.

 We embrace the truth that “God loves us as we are, not only as we should be, because NONE of us are as we should be!” (Brennan Manning, Ragamuffin Extraordinaire)

So, we are a non-profit entity, a helping hand, a listening ear, a smile for any day.  We sell good drinks, hot and cold, and healthy snacks all day long to help pay for a place where we can all love on our kids after school.

Please consider stoping in and ordering – and become a NECESSARY part of our little community’s efforts to be a help!  Of course, tax deductible donations are ALWAYS welcome! The need is real; our ideas are endless.  Thank you for your support!  Let’s do this together!

  1. I love.....
    I love.....
  2. Latte Love
    Latte Love
  3. Barista Rozen
    Barista Rozen
  4. Mocha Frappe
    Mocha Frappe
  5. The River Safe Haven
    The River Safe Haven
  6. Sips & Sweets
    Sips & Sweets
  1. Addy, Barista
    Addy, Barista
    Fun facts
  2. Rozen, Barista
    Rozen, Barista
    Fun fact
  3. Hannah, Manager
    Hannah, Manager
    Fun fact
  4. Kyle, Barista
    Kyle, Barista
    Fun Fact
  5. Ronny, Barista
    Ronny, Barista
    Arm Wrestling Champion
  6. Silas, Barista
    Silas, Barista
    Salsa Eating Champion


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Tel.: 574-834-1488
Email: [email protected]
P.O. Box 613
North Webster, Indiana