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Whitewater Community Services, Inc. 

A Nonprofit Organization
(currently seeking our 501(c)3 status)

Empowering our communities to live lives of purpose & freedom by bringing hope through truth and love.

Whitewater Community Services, Inc. 

Summer Program

The Outpost - Meeting Room


The River Safe Haven

The Outpost - Meeting Room

The RAFT Summer Program

Looking for great coffee and a comfyplace to hang? This is the place! We opened to give local teens a safe place to come and belong - but they share it with the adults. 
Where different groups gather nightly to talk with each other, learn from each other, and grow together. We are us. There is no them. 
Licensed teacher meet kids where they are academically and endeavor to fill in the gaps in a fun, experiential way!
We are here to make our community better. Our ministries are founded in helping our kids, helping our parents, helping our neighbors, helping our friends.

See.  Go. Help.

Luke 10:25-37

Why We            Remedy Live

RemedyLIVE is a local nonprofit organization located Fort Wayne that has helped, assisted and positively influenced teens nationwide. Please visit their linked website above to learn more about this wonderful organization whose purpose is to help teens and young adults.